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Removing trees from one pot into another, may require additional soul depending on the pot.

Root Pruning:

Remove tree from pot, trim the root system, and place back into the pot, or a new pot. Additional soil may be required.


Trimming of branches and canopy to help aeration and sunlight.

Tree Wiring

The tree is wired to highlight its design and shape using soft aluminum wire of various gauges.

Root Pruning and repotting is recommended for spring time. However, if done in the fall season, the roots should be protected from the winter months in a greenhouse or coldframe.

Root Pruning can be a stress to the tree, and the root system can remain unstable for up to two weeks. During this time, a restoration tonic containing Vitamin B-1 can be used to help stabilize the roots.

Bonsai Saikei Classes


Saikei is the art of creating miniature landscapes with living trees, rocks, water, etc., each landscape in a single tray. Saikei is a style of plant culture that can be as satisfying as bonsai. For people who love plants when they are seen in their own natural environment, and who love natures own beautiful composition of trees, rocks, and mountains.

Acquire the finest techniques with a 1 on 1 session from our renowned bonsai master Tak Yamaura. Learn bonsai pruning, care and maintenance from classes that range from beginner to advance. Planted landscaping; the art of miniature landscaping with bonsai tree, soil, rock, water and fauna.

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