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Meet Tak Yamaura

Tak Yamaura was born 1944 in Nagasaki, Japan. Growing up, his family wasn’t involved in cultivating bonsai, but they did live in tree covered rolling hills of the Japanese countryside. Year round he would run and play in the forest, and would savour the flavour of each changing season. This was the root for his inspiration. Even as a child, he grew up surrounded by nature.

For him, bonsai means a capture of nature represented in a form that can be held in the hand. The memories of Tak’s childhood comes flooding back to him as well. Through bonsai, Tak wants to spread joy, inspire and help people find their zen. The bonsai is seen as the harmony between mankind and nature, cultivation and miniaturization of trees bringing inner composure and tranquility to the gardner. Tak regards his work as creating living sculptures as his nursery is unlike many others.

“My father was involved in the Forestry business. He grew Japanese Cedar, Hinoki Cypress, Japanese Black Pine, Japanese Maple, Oak Zelkova, etc. I’ve loved trees since then.”

In 1964, Tak went on to earn his degree in horticulture at the University of Agriculture in Tokyo (Tokyo Nodai) and was fortunate enough to study under distinguished Japanese bonsai master, Toshio Kawamoto. In 1968, after Tak graduated, for two years he learned about horticulture in California for a while before moving north to Canada.

In 1970, Tak immigrated to Canada and acquired a piece of land in South Surrey, BC. He brought with him a selection of tree seeds as well as some trees that were imported from Japan. That is when he started seeding, cutting and grafting as a propagation.

Most of the bonsai’s age equals the years Tak has been in business in Canada. To ensure the art of bonsai is nurtured, Tak, with more than 45 years of instruction behind him, uses his experience and skills as a volunteer instructor.

His extraordinary nursery is a testament to a lifetime of dedication, and the Bonsai Floral Garden team works both in the nursery and hands-on with the public on the road to establish a thriving bonsai culture in North America.


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