Tools & Accessories


Akadama: a quality clay based soil that helps retain water.

Akadama For Shouhin Bonsai: a quality clay based soil that helps retain water, but smaller pellets.

Kiryu Zuna: a quality sand based soil that promotes good water drainage.

Kanuma: a quality soil that is great for Orchids, Azaleas and Succulents.



Various gauges of soft aluminum training wire.

Bonsai Scissors:

All purpose Bonsai tree, Garden, Ikebana & Household Scissors – Shears. Our most popular tool. These amazingly sharp, durable and very handy bonsai & all-purpose scissors/shears are good for almost everything.

Our sheers are known for their precision, quality, durability, beauty and reasonable prices and these grade tools are no exception. These tough, sturdy stainless steel shears are a great deal for the price. They’re good for top and root pruning and double as excellent all-purpose shears with a number of uses well beyond bonsai.

Stainless Satsuki Bonsai Tree Shears. Often called Azalea Scissors, this is an excellent bonsai tool for trimming buds and reaching into tight spots without damaging tender shoots and blossoms. The ideal bonsai shear for delicate hands and delicate cuts. Matte finish.

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