Authentic Bonsai Experts Right Here In The Fraser Valley.

Welcome to Bonsai Floral Gardens

Our  extraordinary nursery is a testament to a lifetime of dedication. Our  team works both in the nursery and hands-on with the public on the road to establish a thriving bonsai culture in North America.

Our Trees

We offer a wide variety of Bonsai trees suited for our west-coast climate, along with the expertise to help you create and enjoy your garden for years to come.


What We Do

Healthy Bonsai trees require patience, know how and a gentle hand. You can even pre-book for a Sakai class and we will show you how to do it yourself.


Tools & Accessories

From scissors and bonsai shears to soil and wire, we have the tools specific to Bonsai culture. Use the right tools, and you see your garden project  flourish.


We’ve Been Doing This
For Almost 50 years!

Bonsai is seen as the harmony between mankind and nature, cultivation and miniaturization of trees bringing inner composure and tranquility to the gardener.

At BC Bonsai Floral Gardens our hope is that you can experience the wonder of bonsai for yourself. We offer our experience and a lifetime of dedication to this artform.




Our Work

If you really want to experience the serenity of Bonsai you’ll need to come and see us in South Surrey. Hopefully a peak at our gallery with inspire you to make the trip.

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19218 Colebrook Road 
Surrey, BC

Build Your Dream Bonsai Garden.

Whether you need advice or hands-on training to make the most of your next bonsai project, connect with us first.

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